Our Story


As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” And so it began. One morning a man of 58, struggling hard to use his walker, dragging his feet, shuffled slowly into my gym. His name was Rick and he was with his wife Kerry. They had just left Mayo Clinic where he had completed a physical therapy program. They had done all they could for him. Rick had been battling multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, and the disease and treatments had left him physically weak, and his muscles virtually atrophied.

Rick, an athlete in his youth, had once been a semi-professional baseball player, but his true passion was the game of golf. He was single minded in his determination to be able to walk without assistance, so he could play golf once again. He asked me if I could help him. I could see and feel his resolve, and at that moment I knew there was a divine reason why our paths had crossed. I promised this amazing, man, “I will help you.”  I didn’t intend to break that promise!

From the very beginning, the main objective of our exercise program was to find ways to help his foot, leg and hip muscles start “firing” again. Finally, when it was clear that traditional methods would not be enough, I decided it was time to think outside the box. I designed an apparatus that with regular drills, would force and enable the muscles involved to strengthen and get back to work! The ShuffleStopper was born and Rick’s golf game was reborn!

Since my experience with Rick, I have used the ShuffleStopper successfully with many of my clients who have had decreased strength and mobility of their lower extremities, due to trauma, injury, illness or age. It is simple, virtually painless, easy to use either in a gym or at home, and the results are both significant and surprisingly quick.



Kathy Pichnarcik (KP) is a nationally recognized fitness expert and champion bodybuilder, and a certified assistant in orthopedic and sports medicine. She was Director of Muscular Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise for the North Phoenix Sports Medicine Clinic, where she worked to help rehabilitate patients with diminished strength, balance and mobility. She has been a personal trainer and muscular rehabilitation specialist since 1984.

After leaving the medical field, KP established her own personal training business and gym. With her expertise in post-rehabilitation, she has helped thousands of clients, ranging from touring golf professionals, to clients suffering from traumatic injuries and chronic illnesses.

KP has been a contributing author to numerous health and fitness publications, and been featured in national bodybuilding magazines. She has addressed doctors from the Mayo Clinic on stress reduction, as well as given seminars on the benefits of strength training, and how to get fit at any age.

KP’s driving passion has always been to help others better their health, fitness and overall well-being.



  • 1984 MS. TEEN ARIZONA – First Place/Overall Champion
  • 1986 Superbowl of Bodybuilding – Third Place
  • 1988 NPC Ms. Arizona – First Place
  • 1993 NPC Western Regional Bodybuilding Champion – First Place/Overall
  • 1993 NPC Achievement Award for Outstanding Bodybuilder
  • 1997 Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the City of Phoenix Police Department Special Assignments Unit for help with their training program
  • 1997 NPC Iron Maiden Bodybuilding Championship – First Place
  • 1998 NPC Ms. Arizona – First Place/Overall Champion
  • 1998 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships – Second Place
  • 1999 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships – Second Place